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US Citizenship Test - Could You Pass?

An important part of the application process for becoming a US citizen is passing a civics test, covering important U.S. history and government topics. There are 100 civics questions on the naturalization test. During the interview process, applicants are asked up to 10 questions and must be able to answer at least 6 questions correctly. Here is a sampling of what may be asked. How would you do? How many could a Cal Berkeley student pass?

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Wow! Who Knew?


The exact details come from a mole inside a meeting of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Istanbul, Turkey, and made public in Arabic by the Egyptian news outlet 7th Day.

New Yorker Nailed It

Much of the conversation focused on attempts to curry favor in Congress.

They reportedly met North Carolina Democrat Congressman David Price – notable for his early condemnation of the 2003 war in Iraq, Californian Congressman Alan Lowenthal and centrist New York Republican John Faso.

The Istanbul meeting was told how Brotherhood officials heard from Price and Lowenthal that they would try to reduce U.S. aid to Egypt by 40 percent by the end of 2017. The Brotherhood is deeply opposed to the current pro-American regime in Cairo.

The organization held rallies in New York’s Times Square and with CAIR and other Islamist organizations in Illinois and Boston.

Among those said to have attended a Brotherhood-backed event was former Barack Obama adviser Dalia Mogahed. [FULL]

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He deserves being 'Slovac'd"

Dennis Miller does What's-his-name

The Queen of Diamonds, Wot.

Ginsburg is still a ACLU hack

I have no words ...

Flynt and Hillary


Is   Larry Flynt  the slimiest human alive?  His Hustler magazine was so sleazy that every month I felt so dirty after perusing it that I'd vow "never again."  Eventually I did stop.  Anyway, there's some  deja-vu going going on with this 2017 encore of his 1998 campaign to save Bill Clinton from impeachment (failed).

Flynt's role began in October when he bought a full-page ad in The Washington Post, announcing a reward of up to $1 million for anyone who could prove having had "an adulterous sexual encounter with a current member of the United States Congress or a high-ranking government official." More than 2,000 calls came in. [Wa Post]

 Why would Flynt  come out of nowhere on this?  Simple.  He was  underwritten by Hillary Clinton.  Rodham had installed in the White House basement her own computer data base  where she stored, among other things,  improperly accessed 1993 and 1994   FBI security-clearance documents [See Filegate] of  Republican lawmakers.  It was from this list  that she  supplied Flynt with names  he would use to blackmail troublesome Republican lawmakers considering impeachment.  We'll never know  which "victims" were then convinced, and voted against some, or all, impeachment charges; but we know who refused to buckle.

While the new GOP leader, Speaker-designate Bob Livingston (La.), Livingston did not identify to the full GOP caucus who was investigating his past, sources said he told colleagues at the earlier leadership meeting, "I've been Larry Flynt-ed."
Who will be the worst woman in the US when Hillary dies?

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a major award                                                 

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Oh, Yes! .... Oh, NO!

Road to WAR: China's secret plans for North Korea INVASION revealed



    Global Warming Poop

ABC Climate Crap
They really like rats.  You just can't kill them fast enough ...

A  Comment :

"Just keep shifting the parameters of “acceptable” thinking, until you are comfortable.
Only, your successors will just continue to shift parameters, which strips away the “comfort zone” once so desirable for your younger self.
There are rules and customs, evolved over the centuries and millennia, that have set forth the basic guidelines for human interaction. It is not always wise to challenge the existing rules without considering the consequences. Most social experiments fail, not because they are too unique, but because they have been tried repeatedly in the past, and those experiments failed then, too." alloysteel

How many people know what it means?

It was on September 17, 1787 that our rule of law, the US Constitution was signed in Philadelphia. History tells us of an exchange that occurred outside of Independence Hall between Benjamin Franklin and a Philadelphia socialite, Mrs. Powell. Mrs. Powell inquired of Mr. Franklin, “well, what is it that we have, a monarchy or a republic”? Mr. Franklin replied, famously, “a Republic, if you can keep it”.

Brain Driller

It was on September 17, 1787 that our rule of law, the US Constitution was signed in Philadelphia. History tells us of an exchange that occurred outside of Independence Hall between Benjamin Franklin and a Philadelphia socialite, Mrs. Powell. Mrs. Powell inquired of Mr. Franklin, “well, what is it that we have, a monarchy or a republic”? Mr. Franklin replied, famously, “a Republic, if you can keep it”.

That was the challenge of 230 years ago, and now we must ask ourselves, do we truly want to keep this Constitutional Republic. However, there is a greater question, how many people know what it means to live in a Constitutional Republic? America is not a democracy. The means by which we elect our representation is through a democratic process of voting. Therefore we are a representative democracy. Sadly, this was something once taught in High School civics, hardly the case today.

In our governmental structure, as learned by James Madison from Charles Montesquieu, we have three coequal branches of government, kept in alignment by a system of checks and balances. Now, however, that system is totally out of whack, and what we are witnessing is complete breakdown and dysfunction.

A major threat to the future of our Republic is that we have a dysfunctional legislative branch.... in examining where our legislative branch has gone it is apparent they are focused on creating more dependency and subservience of the individual to their institution. [Allen West]
Consider last week as President Donald Trump signed an executive order on our healthcare system, opening up cross-state competition and ending health insurance company subsidies. There are those who were decrying his use of executive action, yet these were the same folks who said nothing as Barack Obama used executive action some 40 times to amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obamacare. Any basic high school student would be able to understand that a law cannot be amended by executive action or order, it must be amended by legislative action. That is how it works in a Constitutional Republic where our legislative branch has the most enumerated powers.

But, in the case of Mr. Obama, who had lost the House of Representatives, then later the US Senate, he sought to circumvent our system of governance, and overrule our checks and balances all for his political purposes. And the same can be said about the executive agreements he entered this Nation into with the Paris Climate Accord, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and the Iranian Nuclear agreement. These and many others represent an Executive branch that was seeking to rule by edict, let’s not get started on the plethora of bureaucratic administration rules and regulations of the Obama era as well. Those government agency regulations represented a taxation without representation, you remember that line right? Our Constitution clearly states in the origination clause that all revenue-generating measures must emanate from the US House of Representatives. (CONTINUED)

While we're still in the Town Hall, check out The Fussy Attack of the Domesticated Conservatives, by Kurt Schlichter.

“ Getting named to Salon’s list of The 25 Conservatives Actually Worth Following On Twitter is either a grievous insult or a certification that you suck. Salon is saying that you’re not a carrier of a hardcore conservative contagion, and that the liberal establishment doesn’t need to worry. At best, Salon thinks you’re no threat. At worst, it considers you a fellow traveler. And some of these selectees really are straight-up Fredocons.

You see the same thing with the True Conservative line-up at the New York Times. That’s where you find the king of creased-slacks lib-licking, David Brooks, in a perpetual tizzy about normal Americans wanting to be left alone by the finger-wagging likes of him and his cocktail comrades. There’s also Bret Stephens  .... '

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Kool Tool

I use it to fill cavities

After 7 years of "investigating."


Apr 12, 2017 - Maryland’s president said the Tar Heels deserve the death penalty at a recent meeting. ... University of Maryland President Wallace Loh said in a meeting last week that he believes the NCAA investigation into North Carolina will eventually lead to the “death penalty.”.
Carolina Refs

Apropos that  news,  I recenly found this c.1990s ACC perspective I'd posted to Free Republic.  
  If you were in the stands during the 70's when  Clemson, Virginia or Maryland played any Carolina team, you were bound to hear the derisive chant Carolina Refs several times during the game.  Perhaps it was the debacle of the 1976 Olympic Game loss suffered by team USA against Russia that made biased officiating a focal point.  And maybe we were all wrong, but it seemed real enough.  At the time I handicapped ACC teams chances of getting an evenly called game from referees Hank Nichols,  Jim Hernjak, Jim Howell or  Lou Moser this way:
  • UNC - Great teams, great records and always eight men on the floor
  • Duke - Could get away with murder, except against the Heels
  • Wake - lousy teams, but they had help
  • NCSU - too blue collar for the refs?
  • Virginia - not from Carolina, but snotty enough to almost be from Durham
  • Maryland - never forgiven for breaking the ACC's color line
  • Clemson - The USC Gamecocks were hated, but they left.  Clemson is from S. Carolina.
    Of course, as a Maryland fan, it is their games I remember.  Like the one in 1978 when Albert King was racing down the sideline for what would have been the tying basket in a 66-64 loss to UNC.  Phil Ford (who could not be called for a foul of any kind) shoved King out of bounds.  No call.  Turnover Maryland.  Game over.
    Or the 1980 ACC Tournament championship game when Duke's Kenny Dennard tackled Buck Williams from behind as he was about to slam home the last second winner in a 73-72 loss.  Hey no harm (Buck lived), no foul.  Or so it must have seemed to game officials  Hantak, Sonnenberg, and Barth.
Are the good old days of  Carolina Refs back?  
    I think one thing caused officiating to improve in the 80's.  UNC, primarily, would waltz through the regular ACC season every year, then get their lunch handed to them in the first NCAA tourney game they played.    Being hand-checked, or even touched in an NCAA game,  would leave the ACC's cream teams in a state of shock that usually saw them dispatched early and often.  Word went out that Carolina had to learn to play in the real world and the officiating improved.  Or so it seems.
   All of this came to mind, for the first time in nearly twenty years, as I watched the two Maryland-Duke games last year.  Yes, I think Duke had the better team.  But the calls - and non calls - in those games were disturbing.  Then came this year's January 3rd matchup.  While the final foul count was Maryland 25, Duke 18 - the message was sent early, with Maryland getting virtually every whistle in the first half.
   Am I looking for excuses?  I don't think so, and hope not.  Please note that in two games against good teams, not played with ACC refs, Duke is 1-1 (losing to Cincinnati and going into overtime against St. Johns).  In the Saint John's game both Langdon and Brand fouled out.  Against Maryland, Shane Battier - a very physical player - managed to go nearly nineteen minutes with four fouls and never did foul out.  If there were any 'away from the ball' touch fouls called against Duke -  I missed them.
    Next week I can only hope that the Terps play their best game, and Duke theirs - and the officials leave any bias at home.

No act of contrition necessary

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Leftists and the Mafia. Same thing.

     People are always asking .. 

"Say Rodge. What would you do?"
Let's try this
.... the Revolutionary Communist Party, which staged violent (inauguration) protests. “Respectable” big money leftist groups like the Hill Snowdon Foundation and Ben and Jerry’s Foundation fund middlemen like the Alliance. And then the Alliance funds “direct action” groups that are willing to get their hands violently dirty.

The Department of Justice has been investigating DisruptJ20, a "resistance" group that plotted to shut down President Trump's inauguration. The DOJ has demanded the IP addresses of visitors, along with any emails, photos and names it can get. But the pipeline of Dj20 funding goes back to George Soros.

And not just Soros.

Money from the Global Justice Alliance went to Refuse Fascism, a group founded by members of the Revolutionary Communist Party, which staged violent protests. “Respectable” big money leftist groups like the Hill Snowdon Foundation and Ben and Jerry’s Foundation fund middlemen like the Alliance. And then the Alliance funds “direct action” groups that are willing to get their hands violently dirty.

The DOJ, better than anyone, should understand this model. It’s commonplace among criminals.

The Ford Foundation has become notorious for its backing of Black Lives Matter through the Black-Led Movement Fund whose goal was to raise over $100 million for the black nationalist racist hate group.
There is big money behind the street violence tearing apart America from Ferguson to Berkeley.
And when you go after criminals, you don’t stop with the street thugs. Instead you go after the bosses. The left’s funding pipelines launder money by moving it from respectable foundations to increasingly radical groups until they reach the thugs that mace, club and set fires. The multiple tiers buy their donors respectability and plausible deniability. But it’s nothing that the DOJ can’t easily penetrate.

It’s not all that different from the Castellano era in the Gambino crime family. And it needs to be treated the same way. Fiscal sponsorship of groups that engage in street violence is a crime. Prosecute it!

The Center for Community Change Action, another "direct action" group, recently had its donors exposed. They included Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Approximately $7 million has gone from these big donors to the “direct action” group.

The CCCA has its own groups for which it’s acting as a “fiscal sponsor”. That’s how it works. [FRONT PAGE cont]

I'm thinking: Okay. If maybe  just 15%  of the pop  understood, before the election, the reality and  magnitude of the conspiracy to overthrow the United States constitutionthen I think it's maybe up to about 45% now.  We are in a war no less serious than that posed by the AXIS powers during  WWII.  There can be but one winner.   We know who, and where they are.  And we have written law that directs us to snuff them, utterly.  Do or die. That's what I think.


Canada’s largest school board says it is phasing out the word “chief” from senior staff’s job titles out of respect for Indigenous peoples.




I know, I’ve been trying to swear off this overdone genre, but really, how can you resist applyingit to the collective meltdown of Harvey Weinstein and Democratic Hollywood? (POWERLINE)

Boy Scouts announce plans to admit girls


In September 2016, Yahoo revealed a hack that compromised 500 million user accounts. In December, the company revealed yet another hack, this time affecting a record 1 billion accounts. On Tuesday, Yahoo updated that number to all 3 billion accounts its services. And yes, that includes yours. The hack exposed names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, encrypted passwords and unencrypted security questions. Here's what you can do now to protect yourself.

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The Story
OCTOBER 12, 2017 AT 6:10 AM
First off NO member of Congress uses Obamacare-they themselves made sure to give themselves the top insurance, not the crap the people get. As for this set up-well I don’t think it is so awful they get things delivered HOWEVER if there are people (Congress Critters) getting drugs for Alzheimer those people should NOT be running the government or be involved-Nancy Pelosi I am talking to YOU!